Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pot Roast

1 Pot Roast
2 T. vegetable oil
garlic powder
onion poder
any other spice you like
vegetables (potatoes and carrots for sure, but any others you like)

Put large stock pot over high heat with vegetable oil. Rub seasonings into roast. Put roast into pot, sear all 3 main sides of the roast. Add water until it just covers roast. Add a little more salt than normal to the water. Reduce heat to medium low. Water should gently roll throughout cooking. Cover. Cook for 3 to 4 hours. Add vegetables in for the last 30 minutes. "Baby" carrots and small red potatoes work well. If you are using large potatoes, cut them to about 1 inch slices to decrease cooking time. Remember that potatoes soak up a lot of salt, so expect to add more salt when you have it on your plate.

Can be adapted to the crock pot, but I am not sure what setting to put the pot on.

This recipe works well to put on in the morning before church, come home and add veggies or open a can of green beans.

The meat is usually cooked by about 2.5 hours, but cooking it longer makes it very tender!