Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookie Success

I went to my first ever cookie exchange this week. (It was fabulous and terrible.  I got 6 dozen cookies and the taunt me every time I pass by and I have hardly any will power against cookies).   I made Sugar Coated Chocolate Cookies (I'll post the recipe soon).  Cookies and I have a bit of a turbulent relationship.  We don't always get along.  However I came across a couple of helpful hints this week and thought I'd share.

- Use parchment paper.  You don't have to spray it with any non-stick spray and you can reuse it.  My cookies came off perfectly every time.  And it helps cookies not spread so much and keep their shape so they look prettier.

- If you're using metal pans run cool water on the back side of them between batches to cool them down.  It will keep your cookies from cooking right as you put the dough on the pan.  This works very quickly, I think it took maybe 30 seconds.  If you are concerned about wasting water for this I think you could put some cool water in your sink and set the pans on top and it might work just as well.

Any body else have any good cookie tips?