Monday, June 29, 2009

Better than hamburger helper!

The original recipe I found had a bunch of ingredients I didn't have on hand, so I substituted over half of them, therefore I didn't include the link for the original recipe.

Hamburger Helper w/out the box:

3c rotini pasta
1/4c milk
1tbsp butter
1/4 brick velveeta, cubed
1lb ground beef
1/4c teriyaki sauce
2cloves garlic

*Boil pasta in water, drain and toss with the milk and butter

*brown beef in pan with teriyaki and garlic(this can be done while waiting for pasta to boil.

*combine pasta mixture with beef mixture in whichever pan is larger, keep heat at low and add cubed velveeta, stir occasionally(I set the table and whipped up some quick cheddar biscuits in between stirring)

Very inexpensive meal, just add a veggie on the side, or mix it in! It was SOOO good!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inspiration for those of you thinking of going all out on your next camping trip

I have not personally used any of these, but it was just sent to me in my email, so I figured I would share.